Top 5 Nutrition Tips For Vacation

Hello from Mexico City! I'm sure your summer vacation planning takes into account your top priorities, as does ours! For us, we prioritize nutrition and food options wherever we are going. We make sure to book a place that has a full kitchen and cooking supplies. Wherever we go, we always make sure that it's near an organic farm, farmers market, or a co-op. I know what you're thinking. And you're right! We really do need to get out more and have a few drinks! We're working on that side of moderation, as well. We did find Kombucha beer in California! Anyway, my point is, it doesn't have to be that hard to set up good food choices while on vacation. Here are my top 5 tips. You shouldn't aim for perfection. Just do the best you can.  

  1. Fast: Consider making travel days a fasting day. Men, since research is much more supportive of fasting for you, it could be a fast that starts before travel on the day of departure and ends once you have reached your destination (not the airport, but the resort, hotel, or house you are staying at). Women, you could fast during travel only. Eat something at home before you depart and then eat again when you arrive at your destination. I like this idea because there typically aren't many good nutritional options in an airport or on an airplane.

  2. Shop Local: Wherever you are staying, find the nearest co-op or farmers market. Pick up whatever is in season where you are. Local fruits and vegetables are great for snacks throughout the day. We have had some of our best and healthiest meals at these random, small co-ops. If you don't have these options, hit a local grocery store and pick up unprocessed, whole foods.

  3. Plan Ahead: Research the restaurants and understand your options before you travel. Look through menus and have a plan. There is always a place, even in small towns, that is serving some organic, local, fresh ingredients. Usually, these are the best places to eat anyway!

  4. Pack A Picnic: If we are going to stray too far from our source of healthy options, we will pack a picnic. You won't be walking around hungry this way, thus making a less than ideal decision. Think simple when it comes to this. Pickles, turkey, cheese, olives, plantain chips, and some kind of nut mix with some dark chocolate or dried fruit. Or have a salad with some deli meat or a chicken breast. Throw some mixed nuts on top or an avocado, maybe with a couple tablespoons of olive oil and some salt as a dressing.

  5. Go Off-Menu: Don't be afraid to be that guy who creates his own menu at a restaurant. They might not have a grilled chicken breast with a side of steamed veggies on the menu, but most places have a grill, chicken, and veggies. Just ask and you can probably get what you want.

What are your tricks to eating healthy on vacation?