What To Do When You Have To Take Antibiotics

At some point most of us will take antibiotics if we haven’t already. Our kids for sure have already been prescribed antibiotics. The cure all for anything that looks like strep throat is without question an antibiotic. As a matter of fact, if we took our kids in everytime we knew they had strep, they would have been on antibiotics all winter. Don’t get me wrong. Antibiotics can be super helpful and save lives and are absolutely necessary at times. However, taken without proper nutrition and supplementation, they can wreak havoc on your gut. The New York Times put out this article about the microbiome in your gut and how it can have an effect on dementia, autism, weight gain, obesity, and many other health disorders. Some studies have shown that kids who take high doses of antibiotics have a higher rate of obesity and depression when they are older. 

So, if you or your kids have to go on antibiotics you should consider doing the following things:

  1. Get on a good probiotic and take it daily. Take it at the opposite end of the day that you are taking the antibiotic. The probiotic will still have a strong effect on good gut health. The antibiotic will kill most bacteria in your gut, but being on a probiotic will still help keep some good bacteria present and make it much easier for the good bacteria to colonize after the antibiotic dose is finished. 

  2. Once you are done taking the antibiotic you may want to consider doubling your dose of probiotics for 2 weeks. 

  3. Once you have finished your antibiotic dose start eating a diet high in fermented foods.  These will help grow good bacteria and nourish you gut biome - yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, raw apple cider vinegar, low sugar kombucha, and cultured cottage cheese. 

  4. While recovering keep sugar and grain very low to allow the good bacteria to grow. Taking some vitamin C and drinking bone broth are great at this time!

We use a variety of probiotic brands but one that I really like is the Garden of Life. You can find all of their products online or at coops and whole foods. 

Do you have a probiotic in your list of supplements?