Hot Flashes, Mood Swings, And Weight Gain... Menopause

“It seems like I’ve been gaining weight and I haven’t changed my nutrition or workout routine… What’s going on?”

There is no single moment that one goes into menopause. Usually perimenopause starts in your 40’s and is followed by menopause, but the timing can be different for each woman. The hormonal changes fluctuate throughout this process. Estrogen, progesterone, and other sex hormones begin to decline on their own during this time. Knowing this, it makes sense that when hormones change, we begin to change as well. This might look different for each person. Handling stress differently, fatigue, wake and sleep cycles, mood and emotions, metabolism, and many more things can begin to change.

What can help with some of these changes you might be going through?

Changes in body composition, sex drive, hair, skin, mood and mental health can be effected by doing the following:

  1. Commit to a regular training schematic that you enjoy! One way to train is through learning to lift heavy loads and doing short bursts of high intensity efforts. The research is clear that this type of training has a hormonal benefit that can help increase or stabilize some of the hormones that are declining during menopause. Bonus: lifting heavy loads also helps build and maintain bone mass.

  2. Eat a well balanced diet of minimally processed whole foods. Limit sugar, alcohol, and stay hydrated.

  3. Sleep! Get 7.5 hours of sleep consistently. Eliminate screen time one hour before bed and sleep in a cool room - 62 degrees is ideal.

  4. Manage stress! Set aside time for yourself. Work with a coach or counselor.

  5. Temperature Regulation. Try doing some deep breathing: 5 second slow breath in and 5 second slow breath out for 10 minutes daily.  

Are you doing the right things to help you stay happy and healthy during this time?

See you in the gym,