Peace, Serenity, Quiet, and Burpees!

I spent the last week training a client in a land called Serenbe. About 30 minutes outside Atlanta, Georgia, there is a place that is on about 60 acres of untouched green forest and sprawling hills of beautiful nature. Serenbe is a small village that is hard to describe, but I’ll try. It’s a combination of small town living (quiet, slow, and very relaxed) and a community of people who have one goal in mind: get back in touch with life, family, relationships and slow down and enjoy what is right in front of you. As my neighbor there told me, “I moved here because the stress of go, go, go is literally killing me and disconnecting my family. Here, life is more about connecting than about getting to the next thing.”  Serenbe is specifically designed for people who want to break the mold and slow life down again.

The community is on an organic farm where everyone is part of a CSA and has access to fresh fruits and vegetables. There are about 600 homes, all built with the intention of creating connection and being in nature. Homes are close together, there are no front yards, just a porch so when you walk down the street you are forced to say hi and interact. The back of each house opens up to a giant green forest with a system of trails that takes you wherever you want to go from the farm-to-table restaurants and cafes to the gym, lakes, and pools. Everything is intentional and sustainable. There are peach trees and blueberry bushes along the sidewalks and streets that you can just reach out and pick from.

We came here to train for several reasons, but mostly because this place encompassed all the elements of nature, think beautiful north shore minnesota, but no bugs (or snow!), and a fantastic gym and endless acres of hiking, biking, swimming, and, yes, open fields perfect for doing sprints. A combination of using the outdoor elements and doing gym training sessions was the focus of the week.  

Interestingly enough, Serenbe worked it’s magic on me. We did three training sessions a day. Three! A gym strength session in the morning, a metabolic conditioning session in the afternoon, and a skill building or mobility session in the evening. Between sessions, I was surprised that I chose to go on walks in the woods instead of doing work on my computer or checking emails. I spent time at the farm picking vegetables that I would make a meal with that night, as opposed to rushing home to get dinner on the table. I met neighbors outside as the day wound down and got to know the people around me.

The training sessions were tough, fun, and creative! The food was amazing! The downtime was mindful, relaxing, and restorative. What I learned was that everything is better when you slow down!  

Are you ready to create your own “Serenbe?” Maybe I can be helpful...