As we get older, our testosterone levels decrease naturally. However, I thought it might be a good idea to start a conversation about how to naturally keep testosterone levels as high as possible. Oh, sorry… Ladies, this might be a good one to pass along to gentlemen.

Testosterone serves many purposes, but there are 3 main reasons that men want to make sure levels don’t plument in our 40’s and beyond.

  • It gives us sex drive and libido

  • It helps us build and maintain lean muscle which equals robustness and health in our body.

  • It helps us stay sharp cognitively, happy, and positive emotionally.

There are many easy fixes to save low testosterone levels, but I thought I would share a few strategies that you could apply in the gym to help build testosterone.

  • Sprint: Do short aggressive efforts that get you out of breath. This could be running, biking, rowing, or swimming. The hormonal response causes a spike in testosterone.

  • Lift Something Heavy: Heavy loads that are associated with high levels of exertion can force a release in testosterone.  The loads have to be heavy enough to cause fatigue. I mean the type of fatigue that burns and forces heavy breathing.

  • Do Forced Reps: You’ll need a partner for this. A forced rep is a rep that you can’t finish on your own; you need someone to help you finish it. Again, the response is higher output in testosterone.

  • Take Long Rest Periods: Studies show that when lifting heavy or sprinting you need to have adequate rest between efforts so the intensity can stay high enough to cause a hormonal response.

  • Avoid Chronic Cardio: If all you do is run or just swim, or only row, chances are these long endurance activities alone could cause a decrease in testosterone.

What's the best way to know if testosterone is low? Are you tired, low labido, possibly gaining weight? This could be a testosterone issue. You can get a blood panel done or a saliva or urine test.

There are many ways to help boost testosterone and these are just a few.

Let me know if I can be helpful!

Are you doing the right things to boost testosterone?

FitnessAaron Leventhal