As We Age ⭑ NEW Core Strength, Conditioning, & Mobility Class

“As we age”... I know, right… This phrase has become more and more common since I hit my mid 40’s. I’ve shared with you some of my own “as I age” stories and I have heard from so many of you on “as you age” and what challenges you have from both a nutritional and an exercise standpoint. 

I know two things for sure when it comes to developing athletes. By the way, I call everyone an athlete, even my 78 year old mom who is a walker. One, you should never arrive, meaning there should always be something you should be chasing. For our older athletes, this philosophy is so important because at 50 years old it’s a lot more physically and emotionally expensive to have arrived than it is at 20 years old. This comfortable frame of mind (I'm good enough, fit enough, healthy enough, and strong enough) is easier to bounce back from at 20, but tough to bounce back from at 50. If you are no longer moving forward you are most likely moving backward. So, I find it best for all athletes to always be pursuing something. This could be going for a longer walk or a faster mile time trial. 

The second thing when it comes to developing athletes is that usually athletes (remember you are an athlete) know what they need. Now, there are things that you might not like but you know you need them to continue to develop, stay healthy, and be strong. For example, I hate speed work and would much rather do long, slow, distance work, but I know that I need speed work to feel better, get stronger, and continue to develop. As we age our needs might change. You might find that you need more mobility for example, you might also need more basic core strength work, and you might find it beneficial to get some extra cardio work in. I’m pretty sure that one of these needs (mobility, core, or cardio) speaks to you and what you need. Cue a new class at Fit starting Saturdays @ 7am and Sundays @ 9am, beginning the weekend of November 9th & 10th.

Remember, keep chasing fitness, strength, and a healthier you. Never arrive at wellness! You know what you need. As you age you know what you need more of and often times it’s not what you want, be it more heavy strength work or more mobility or just more conditioning. Seek out what it is you need and try it. See how it affects you.

What is it that you think you need “as you age”?

See you in the gym,


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