Top 5 ⭑ Preparing For Our Impending Hibernation

When in Minnesota…

I thought I would share with you some of my recommendations for what to have on hand to stay healthy, avoid sickness, feel good, and survive the cold, grey months ahead. 

Apple Cider Vinegar: It helps regulate blood sugar, decreases appetite, and can decrease inflammation. I take 1-2 tablespoons each day mixed with water. It’s gross, but you get used to it.

Collagen Peptides: They strengthen joints, help with joint pain, and decrease the risk of soft tissue injuries. I take it daily. Get the Vital Proteins Brand in the light blue canister. Also, hair and nails will grow like crazy!

Vitamin C: I use a Liposomal Vitamin C. You can get it at the co-op or whole foods. Any well sourced brand will work. The “Liposomal” type of vitamin C is a way to get more of the Vitamin C absorbed by the body. Vitamin C can help boost the immune system, aid in reducing oxidative stress, and help battle high blood pressure. 

Full Spectrum Bright White Light Exposure: I use a happy light first thing in the morning. I don’t see sunlight outside until 7:30am or so. You can get light bulbs that will emit full spectrum bright white light as well.  I know some people who install them in the bathroom or kitchen. A company called “awake and alert” makes a ton of options. Morning exposure to full spectrum light can help with mood, alertness, balancing hormone levels, and morning exposure has a strong link to sleep.  Meaning the more exposure you get earlier in the day, the better you sleep. 

Probiotics: I take one a day and switch up what I take every 4-6 weeks. Sometimes I use a capsule and sometimes a powder. Other times I just make it a point to eat fermented foods. Get something well sourced from the co-op or whole foods. The gut bacteria that the probiotic supports can help with so many things and the link is strong between gut biome, weight loss, mood, and even cognitive performance. We give this to our kids daily as well. 

Vitamin D: Now that I don’t get as much sun exposure, it’s a no brainer that I need to supplement with Vitamin D. Skin, mood, bone density - all are big benefits of keeping Vitamin D levels normal. Vitamin D is probably one of the biggest deficiencies we see in people who live in the midwest and other climates that have cold months with limited sunlight. I grab a liquid D3 from whole foods or the co-op, but anything that is well sourced will work great. 

What are your secret weapons?

See you in the gym,

Aaron Leventhal CSCS, PN1

Aaron Leventhal