Corporate Wellness

I love the term “corporate wellness”... It’s so corporate. So are all the stats that go along with the typical corporate wellness programs: increased productivity, less sick days, lower health care costs, etc. All are wonderful benefits of having a corporate wellness program. However, if you do have a wellness program at your place of work or you have ever seen one, you know getting people engaged is like getting kids to eat broccoli. The posters: “Lunch yoga every Monday. Join us!!” The weight loss challenges: “January weight loss boot camps. Sign up in the wellness center!” The incentives: “If you workout 2x a week for 20 weeks in a row, you earn 1 day extra day of paid vacation!” All are done with good intention. It just feels like there is a missing piece.

The authenticity of being connected and feeling part of a community is important. You know this if you participate in group training at our gym. It’s the concept of team, support, and comradery. Plus, there are the elements of fun and learning. All of these are what create good gyms, good teams, and, I believe, good corporate wellness programs.  

It can sometimes be challenging to set up a gym or corporate wellness program inside corporate structure. However, it can be done! We have managed to build a gym with culture, camaraderie, trust, and authenticity that is welcoming at Blu Dot Design Studio in Minneapolis. Our focus isn’t on increased productivity or lower health insurance costs. Our focus is on each client and what is best for them on their personal journey to get better. In doing so, the productivity and lower health care have been a by-product, not a focus.

The gym at Blu Dot is called Blu Fit. The gym doesn’t look like the rest of Blu Dot. The gym looks like a gym, like our gym. The employees help drive the culture. The coaches are engaged. And the clients have changed; they look forward to training and have developed sustainable, healthy habits by learning and participating.

Building a fitness program with FIT has been terrific. Many more people than I predicted have gotten involved. The camaraderie among Blu Fitters, coming from different departments and functions, is so nice to see. Blu Fit is often mentioned as a most valued employee benefit.

John Christakos, Co-Founder & CEO, Blu Dot

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