New Heart Rate Class at Fit!


We will be running a trial heart rate class for the month of February. For most of us, the difference between training with a true max heart rate vs. an age predicted max heart rate is a game changer. We go from plateauing to thriving!  

Intensity comes in many different forms and there are several ways we can measure it.


Hands on knees, out of breath, heart pounding…

Objective - External:

Force x Distance

Objective - Internal:

Heart Rate!

But measuring intensity with heart rate only works when you know your true max heart rate!

Have you tried this method? 220 - age = Max Heart Rate. 

  • Person A who is 50 years old, strong, fit, and healthy has an age predicted Max HR of 170 bpm.

  • Likewise, Person B who is 50 years old, but is obese, deconditioned, and unhealthy has the same age predicted Max HR of 170 bpm.

The problem is that heart rate zones are built on a percentage of this max heart rate number.

  • Person A needs less beats because their heart is more efficient. They might find it’s a struggle to get to that 90% number because they are so efficient with each beat of their strong heart.

  • Person B, who is unhealthy, doesn’t have to do much at all and their heart starts racing and pounding. Thus, at 90% of age predicted max HR, Person B feels like it comes really fast and might not have taken much work to get there at all.

Join us for our trial heart rate classes for the month of February where we will capture your true max heart rate!

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