Florida Balance

The goal of this spring break is to find balance; a balance between training and relaxing, between healthy and indulgence. It’s a work in progress. Here’s a snapshot:

Day 3 Florida Spring Break

8am - Wake up (typically 4am or 5am) - Felt good waking up with the sun!

8:30 am - Light run at a talking pace as to have a conversation with my 5-year-old son as I pushed him in the jog stroller. (Typically this would be a solo run, trying to kill myself and set a record pace)

9:30 am - Breakfast - Made eggs, turkey bacon, and some fresh fruit.  (Usually I fast during breakfast Monday through Friday so breakfast during the week is new to me. I liked it.)

10:30 am - Whole family went to local park.  Played soccer with older son for 30 minutes, then did 10 full-field sprints. It was tough, but usually I would have done 20 of them and found myself unconscious later in the day. It felt like I got a good workout in, but didn’t ruin myself.

Noon - 5 pm - Pool and Nap. Played all day with kids at the pool. We took naps! Played more! Took more naps!

6pm - Dinner - Made Grilled Chicken, baked sweet potato, and salad. Had desserts! We had some ice cream (dairy-free), gluten-free chocolate brownies, and some berries.

8pm - Usual Bedtime - Watched a movie and enjoyed a drink of Kombucha Beer with Christine!

Does your spring break have the right amount of enjoyment and health consciousness?

See you in the gym,