What to Expect This Week... Non-Functional Movements

This week we are finding ways to incorporate our most beneficial non-functional movements into training. Our typical functional movements include things like squatting, pressing, swinging, and pulling. These are common movements that are found in sport and can be recognized as part of daily life. Non-functional movements are ones that we typically see at a physical therapy office and, occasionally, in a gym setting. Non-functional movements can help with injury prevention when done correctly and they can help aid in performance on some level. These movements can make us sore and feel like work, but they aren’t big enough nor can they express power in a way that will drive change on a physical or hormonal level. We understand that these movements aren’t the foundation of a fitness program. However, they can aid in keeping us healthy or in coming back from specific injury. Remember that Joseph Pilates designed his movement practice around injury rehab for dancers. They can help with symmetry and neuro adaptation, meaning they can help get things moving that aren’t moving and sometimes help get things in the right place.

What part of your body do you seem to have the most trouble with?

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