What Is Fit, Healthy And Attractive?

Have you ever googled fit man or fit woman? Lots of abs, 25-30 year old men and women, very lean, mostly white, perfect skin, and chiseled muscles on very athletic bodies.

Our brains have been trained to think that unless we look like this we aren’t fit and healthy.

Last week, I wrote about how it can be challenging for some of you to look at the scale and measure. With the standard of what we see in our world that tells us what is healthy and fit, it’s no wonder beginning the process or being satisfied with where you are in your journey of being fit can be frustrating.

Is the only way to health, fitness, and being attractive through weight loss?

Do you have to look like the 25 year old model showing abs in order to be healthy?

If that’s the case, then how do we show someone who is 50, 60, or even 70 years old how to be healthy and fit? What about different body types, different skin colors, people with different abilities? How can they know they are healthy, fit, and attractive?

Weight loss isn’t always the answer and often times, the way the fitness models look requires some pretty unhealthy eating and training practices. So, if all the pictures we see aren’t what we should be reaching for, what should we be reaching for?

Fit and healthy can mean many things and none of them have anything to do with the way we look.

  • Capacity in cardiovascular fitness

  • Being strong and being able to move well

  • Eating a diet of mostly whole foods

  • Being mindful and making choices that are good for your body

All of these are signs and pictures of health and fitness. If you are willing to look beyond what we typically see and define as healthy and fit, you might just find something that works for you to define healthy, fit, and attractive.

NutritionAaron Leventhal