80% Full ⭑ Part 2

A potent and important skill to develop for weight loss and health is not overeating and stopping at 80% full. It’s honestly not that easy to stop eating at 80% full. I get it! You can check out last week’s newsletter on how to begin to think about portion size, eating out of habit, and not overeating.

Please don’t expect that you will be perfect with this. It will take time to change and develop a new habit. With something like this, it goes a long way to forgive yourself when you don’t get it right. Half the battle here is just being aware. Continue to think about it but don’t obsess over it. When you are ready, as long as you are trying to work on it, it will happen. Here are a few tips that might help you stop eating at 80% full.

  • Try eating whole foods. They don’t have that hyperpalitabilty that makes it hard to stop eating them. In other words, the processed foods that you eat are not easy to stop eating. They are addictive. They are sweet, salty, crunchy, and creamy. Our brain isn’t programed to handle that kind of deliciousness. Nothing in nature is both sweet and salty, crunchy and creamy. More on this coming soon.

  • When you sit down for a meal, put the food you are not eating away.One study showed that when food was within reach, most people overate. But, when food was just 6 feet away, people were able to stop eating before full. I like to prepare and serve the food in the kitchen and then eat in the dining room.

  • Try eating off of smaller plates. Your portion sizes are probably closer to the size of a dessert plate as opposed to that giant dinner plate.

  • Move! That’s right. Exercise that is done regularly can help use body fat more as energy and this helps us balance appetite.

NutritionAaron Leventhal