Guest Blog by Lucas Beyer "Push Up Progression"

Every time the coaches get together to do a workout, I always look for two things: movements that I need to improve on and movements that I excel at! One of the movements that I feel I excel at is a very basic and functional one, a move we’ve all known since we were young. It’s the push up.

As basic a movement as it is, a lot of key components are often overlooked and there’s always room for improvement and refinement. Whether it’s engaging your midline, setting up your hand position, or strengthening your shoulder girdle, many different techniques can come into play.

Over the next few weeks, we will be incorporating short exercises after each workout to help you improve your push-up. Each exercise is meant to refine your own personal push-up progression, whether you max out at five or are working toward 100 push-ups, straight.

Here is what to expect! You will get stronger, you will improve on your push up, you will see an increase in core stabilization, and you will be challenged! Like with anything else, consistency will be important. You don’t have to be in every day; 2-4 times a week will work. The work might take an extra 5-10 minutes at the end of your session or, should you choose to come early, you could do it before class. Each day we will post on our front desk whiteboard what that day’s push up exercises are. The coaches will help with clarity and mechanics on the movements we assign for each day. Our push up program will follow a progression for 14 days, with each day getting a little tougher. The program isn’t just push ups. Variations of push ups and shoulder and midline stabilization drills are all part of what we will dose up.

At the end of your workout on Friday, July 28th, we would like each person to do a max rep push-up test as a baseline prior to our push-up series. Improving your push-up is always beneficial when it comes to competing against the clock or going for your personal best.

No need to sign up, just save a bit of time to allow us to help you before or after each workout. We are looking forward to helping you get stronger!

See you at Fit!


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