The Easiest Place To Start

Often, the hardest part of this journey is finding a starting place and most of you have already done just that. For some of you, it meant experimenting with a low carb diet. For others, it meant a more plant-based diet. Some of you had to experiment with what it felt like to swing a kettlebell. And others had to experiment with what it was like to back squat something heavier than you ever thought you could. Understanding that a healthy lifestyle is a process for us all and that there is a guide that gives us steps and directions to follow the process is important.

It’s natural that we want to share this meaningful practice with the people we care most about. Most of you understand what I’m talking about from week-to-week when I write about back squats, kettlebell swings, and burpees. And this might sound great to you, but, to most of your family and friends, it’s way beyond what they expect to step into for a first experience. Of course, their journey might look different than yours, but, ideally, we are all able to understand the same language of health, strength, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. It might play out differently in each of our lives, but we can agree that to get to a place that is meaningful and sustainable, we had to be willing to self-tinker and go through a process.

So how do you talk to someone who wants to start moving, but is unsure and inexperienced? Here are 3 easy first steps they can start doing tomorrow that will help get them on the path to chase fitness in the way that you do.

  • Fill deficiencies. They can find out what they need to work on. What are the areas that are keeping them from engaging in exercise? My lower back hurts, my shoulder hurts, I’m too out of shape to even do something like run, etc. Once we know what the deficiencies are, we can start a conversation about how to improve them. This is the beginning of their journey! The beginning is not burpees and back squats for most people!
  • Work only as hard as they can. Don’t fear intensity! It’s totally subjective. If they have never run for 2 minutes, then it might be best to start by walking fast for 2 minutes.  The olympic athlete running on the next treadmill over might be at an all out sprint running 15 mph, but a fast walk will get them to the same place the olympic athlete gets: heart racing and out of breath. Listen to your body!
  • Eat whole foods and get rid of processed foods. Most of us like go crazy with nutrition. We go to the edge of what might be sustainable for short periods of time. That’s all good, but for most of us, it’s moving the dial a long way if we can just focus on food quality. Stop eating things that come in a package and are processed. Try to eat whole foods. It’s really that simple!

Who do you know that could use some simple ways to get started on an exercise program?

See you in the gym,


FitnessFit Studio