A More Balanced Way To See Spring Break

The older I get the more I realize that it’s about balance and not so much about extremes. Last weekend, my kids were shocked when we went out to pizza and then even more shocked when we had pizza! Well, the crust was made from a local, heritage wheat that is very low in gluten. Thanks Red Wagon Pizza! It got me thinking. Usually on vacation I plan a series of workouts for each day for our family and me. We have done sprints between rows of corn on our farm vacations, burpees on the beach, and family hotel room workouts that have left us lying on the ground in a pool of sweat.  

It’s great to be held accountable, so we aren’t headed into our vacation with nothing planned. We don’t know exactly what the lay of the land will be, so I have decided to just put three of my favorite workouts together that can be done anyplace, anytime. There is no strict plan that looks like: day 1 complete the following (blah, blah, burpee, push up, thruster, etc). Instead, I have 3 workouts that I planned over the course of 5 days. We get to wake up and decide if we feel like training or resting each day. And as long as we complete the 3 workouts, we have met our goal.

This spring break we are headed into our vacation with a bit more balance.  Here is our workout plan to keep us on track and healthy, while allowing us to have a fun, relax, and have a well-balanced vacation.

  • 100 Burpees for time
    Seriously! If you're fast, you’ll get it done in less than 10 minutes. And if you are really fast, 7 minutes or less. We let the kids partner up and total 100 together in pairs.
  • 20 minutes for Max Rep
    5 jumping push up
    10 Squat Jumps or 10 Lunge Steps
    15 Sit Ups
    Jumping push ups! These are the ones where you push off the ground, catch a bit of air and then go into your next push up. We have the kids work for 10-15 minutes on this one. It’s usually enough for them at that point.
  • All time family favorite!
    100 push ups for time
    Wait! That’s not it!
    30 Lunge Steps every time you have to break
    Once you have done your 30 lunge steps you can keep working on your cumulative push up total. Once you hit 100 push ups total, you are done. We have the kids go to a total of 50 push ups on this one. If we are feeling ambitious, we will put a kid on our back and do the lunge steps loaded!  

This will be a pretty big change in plans for us. No workout first thing in the morning unless we feel like it! I think we are all looking forward to trying something new, something with a bit less structure and more balance.

Need help coming up with some workouts that work for you and your family? We offer a service that gives you specifics based on your goals, your workout conditions, and your fitness level.

What are your workout plans for spring break?

See you in the gym,


FitnessFit Studio