New Strength Session

We are adding some variety to our strength sessions. We recognize the importance of variety, especially when it comes to strength training. We have broken our strength sessions into two different session types. Both session types have different benefits for everyone. This is old school vs. new school strength training. Here are the details and what it means to you:

Old School: This is mostly heavy lifting. Think hard-hitting, Eastern Bloc strength training, home of powerlifting (deadlift, squat, press) and birthplace of Olympic lifting (clean, snatch, jerk), barbell work and hand chalk. These sessions will focus on technique and building heavy loads. Most sessions will be built out on a progression to show improvements in strength. This will be 4-5 weeks working on a progression of a single element. The back squat in week 1 is light and higher in reps, but, in week 5, it’s heavy with lower reps. Of course, each session is more than a single element, but, for each 5 week block, we will focus on a different lift.  

What does old school mean for you? Most research shows us that the best way to optimize hormones is through heavy strength training. That means, for women who are perimenopausal or menopausal or postmenopausal, the research is super clear. Heavy strength training will make all the difference in symptoms and body composition. Men, if you are over 40 years old, you have a significant decrease in testosterone. Heavy loads with strength training is the best way to increase testosterone, which means, well, you keep your mojo and you have greater muscle retention.

New School: This is lighter loads with a focus on toning and defining muscle. We do this through bands, dumbbells, and bodyweight activities. This is a more modern, western approach to strength training and it can be effective in helping to sculpt as well as build endurance strength.

What does new school mean for you? This type of training doesn’t give nearly as strong of a hormonal punch as the old school training, but it still serves a purpose. This helps put the finishing touches on what you are working on with the old school training days. These sessions are still challenging, but loads aren’t as heavy because we aren’t using major muscle groups that can move heavy things. We dial in on more specifics like triceps and targeted training for the glutes.

We highly recommend that you experience both training days each week. As with anything else we do at Fit, our coaches will make it work for you no matter experience, injury, or goals.

Schedule effective starting the week of June 11th:

Tuesdays - Old school strength

Thursdays - New school strength

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