Out to Lunch

By far my favorite meal to eat out is lunch. If you ask anyone who knows me why I prefer to eat out for lunch over dinner they will tell you it’s because I’m cheap! Now, I am cheap, but that’s not why I prefer it. I like lunch at any restaurant better because the portion sizes are actually closer to what they should be compared to the oversized dinner portions most restaurants serve.

For those of you looking to make some simple but very meaningful changes to nutrition, here is a simple place to start. Going out to lunch can be fixed up so that it’s not a liability when it comes to daily nutrition. With nutrition, the goal isn’t radical change. The goal is just a little bit better.

First, make the decision if you want to be that guy. This is the one that asks every question: What’s that fried in? Is that organic? Is it fresh caught? How many carbs are in that? Are those fresh or frozen? Are they made in house? Don’t worry. It’s ok to be that guy. Letting them know up front that you have special food feelings (combined with a bit of humor) goes a long way in ingratiating yourself.

If you aren’t interested in being that guy and you just want to order, try thinking about these things:

  • Look for a protein on the menu. You can usually ask for it to be grilled or baked. Then add veggies. It’s usually simple to sub fries for a salad or steamed veggies.  

  • Try to avoid any dressings or at least limit them. They can be loaded with sugar and chemicals. You can ask for the sauce and dressings on the side so you can control how much you use.

  • Portion sizes are usually much larger than they need to be. You could try ordering just off the appetizer menu.

  • You could just order sides. Most restaurants have a decent selection of sides and you could put together a pretty good meal from these.

Be willing to be creative. You will be surprised at how accommodating most places will be if you just ask. Remember, it’s not about putting massive limits on what we have to eat, where we can eat, and what we can’t eat. In most cases, making decisions that are just a little better than what we would normally make can go a long way in helping us reach our goals.


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