Learn Something New

Each day this week, we will be learning something new in the gym.

Why? Because you should have a place to train that is continuing your path of variation in all aspects. We know that we see more change and adaption when we are constantly learning new things. The best athletes are the ones that have an arsenal of skills they can pull from: sprints, body-weight movements, heavy lifting. The acquisition of new skills is never easy, but it is a vital part of what should continue to challenge us and help us see ever changing results in the gym. The key is finding what our limits are and then learning techniques and drills that will help us learn new ways to move, train, and push beyond those limits. I realize that it can be intimidating and scary, but we all have our own journey and you will have coaches and community that are knowledgeable and supportive of you the whole way, from your first pull up to your first muscle up.

See you in the gym,



FitnessFit Studio