Those Who Seek, Find

Hi! Christine here. For this summer’s road trip, Aaron and I got the family in the car and headed down to Sterling, Illinois to visit the grandparents in my hometown. Population: 14,000. The goal was to spend quality time with family and see if we could continue our journey of training and healthy nutrition outside of our bubble. We made it our mission to see what’s available in small town, middle america, in terms of healthy eating, farm life, and a place to work out. We visited some cool places and had a great time!  

Every small town has a farm. I had heard about this farm and had wanted to visit it for some time. The Farmer was great and took the time to give us an in-depth tour. They had free range eggs, heirloom tomatoes, and farm fresh chicken. Shoot! There were even Peacocks! But not for eating...

We found "Main squeeze" which was a great place to hang out with good food. They had organic juice, smoothies, organic coffee, and handmade, gluten-free muffins that were delicious. The place was stocked with kombucha and other healthy options too.


We also visited the sports complex that I grew up next to. It’s like the lifetime fitness of any small town, packed with all kinds of strength and cardio equipment. We found barbells and bumper plates in the corner, and that’s all we really needed.


Our last stop on our way out of town was at the weekend Farmer’s Market. It was small but had plenty, from fresh fruit and vegetables to breakfast and paleo breakfast bars. I was most impressed with the grassfed beef stand, supplements of bone broth, and organic spices. So many resources here!


All in all, we realized that we can stay on our path of health and wellness even in Small Town, USA!

Christine Leventhal


NutritionFit Studio