Training For Gluttony... Your Thanksgiving Plan

Thanksgiving! This is the day we associate with family, football, and overindulgence! Is there any other day of the year when it is so much fun to eat to one’s heart’s content?! All. Day. Long. For me, it’s a day where I love to prepare as many great dishes as possible and not think about how much I’m eating. But, that’s because I have a strategy in mind!

See, there is a way to have your mashed potatoes and eat them too! As long as you understand the most effective ways to reduce the impact of extra calories and carbs, you will be in a much better position after it all goes down! Here is the game plan:

  1. Do an overnight fast the day before you stuff your face. Stop eating 16 hours before you plan to eat the next day.
    • Why? It leaves the door open to burn fat first when you train.
  2. Make the training session the day before your big meal something high in intensity and short in time. This should be something like heavy kettlebell swings and sprints.
    • Why? The heavy load and aggressive sprints will cause a longer lasting effect and, thus, will help you continue to burn calories and fat over the course of the next 12-36 hours.  
  3. Make the training session the day after your big meal high in intensity and heavy, again, but follow it with something longer and less intense.
    • Why? Again, the heavy load will help you burn through the stored carbs (glucose and glycogen) quickly. Then you re-open the door to fat burning, so finish it with something that is a long, hard effort but with lighter loads so you can continue to burn more fat.

The most common mistake is thinking that, after you have finished overeating carbs, you can just hop on a spin bike or head out for a 5k run. All you end up doing, though, is burning those carbs at a rate that is too slow to ever get to the fat. The best approach is to do something high in intensity first (heavy loads and fast intervals). In addition to burning the carbs using high intensity, you create a metabolic effect called Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. EPOC can last for up to 24-36 hours, in which you will continue to burn fat. At this point, you could then head out for that 5k run.

What are your workout plans before and after Thanksgiving this year?

See you in the gym,



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