Find Your Sustainable Change

It’s safe to say I’ve learned a great deal about training, performance, health, nutrition, and hormone optimization over my years as an athlete and a trainer. Most of it, I’ve learned the hard way. When I read or hear about most things training or performance related, I like to experience them for myself to decide if they’re effective for me. And, when I find something that works, something that helps me feel better or perform better, I stick with it.

I have found that those of us who aren’t willing to step outside our comfort zone learn very little and often struggle to see the change we desire.

I have also found that our most successful stories of weight loss, performance gains, and overall goal-reaching have come from people who are willing to tinker around with all sorts of different combinations of nutrition, training, and recovery. These are the people who are willing to be patient, learn, and occasionally go to the extremes to find out what their capacities are and then dial it in from that point. Then, it just becomes a regular part of the their routine. When you perform at a higher level, look better, and feel stronger and healthier, it’s hard to go backwards.

As we approach the new year, I encourage each of you to begin to think about a learning experience that will allow you to dial in on something that will, in the long run, end up being not only sustainable, but a way to learn something new about yourself.

What are your new year resolutions?

See you in the gym,


FitnessFit Studio