What makes Fit different from other gyms?

We have weights.  They have weights.

We have high-intensity interval classes. 
They have high-intensity interval classes.

We have individual and group training. 
They have individual and group training.

We have Aaron.
(Note: this where any similarities end.)

Fit is a gym developed by Aaron Leventhal and his wife, Christine.  Although it’s strange to call Fit a gym.  When it’s actually a place to come and learn.

Maybe you’re a D2 soccer player aiming for D1. 
Or simply want to get in better shape.  Every day we have a workout that focuses on strength, endurance, or mobility and flexibility.  And never are two workouts the same. 

Maybe you want to lose weight.  How much do you know about your carbohydrate intake?  Are you taking supplements?  Should you?  Are you restricting calories?  Is this restriction actually causing you to gain weight?  Can you out train nutrition? 

These are the things Aaron studies.  With a passion.  Fasting, detoxing, phases of health and fitness at different life stages.  The difference between ketosis and actually living your life.  Why do I sometimes wake up and feel 105 years old?  You can check out what he’s thinking about today here

Maybe you have a sore knee.  Are you screwing your feet into the ground to stabilize your squats?  Lower back stiffness?  Is there a miniscule bend in your upper back during a bent-over row?  The tiny differences between pain and being pain-free.

Has it been years since you were in a gym?  Would it be intimidating to walk into Fit?  Everyone busting out burpees and loading for squats.  For sure it would.  How could it not?  So what do you do?  You take it slow.

Our clients who undergo the most change in body composition, lifestyle, and performance see it as a process.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  And it not only takes time, but knowledge, as well.  A grasp on the mechanics of movement and position before adding a dose of intensity.  And having the right conversation in your head as you work out.  Instead of, “This is gonna suck.  I’m tired,” we’ll help you change it to, “Okay, I’m gonna squat.  Toes should be forward, midline engaged.  Now I’m ready.”

What about recovery?  Only after you allow your body to recover does it change.  But how do I know when I’m recovered.  Do I wake up with a willingness to train?  Did I get 7+ hours of sleep?  Is my Orthostatic heart rate less than 11 beats different?  (Yeah, Aaron has a paper on that.) 

So here’s the deal.  We have weights, classes, and an unbeatable sense of community.  But we also have Aaron.  A walking encyclopedia of health and fitness who trains players from the NFL, NHL, U.S. Olympic Ski Team and Minnesota United. 

Who’s ready to sit down and develop a personalized fitness plan just for you.  No matter where you are today, and where you want to be.

And that is why Fit is different.

See you in the gym.