Our philosophy

It’s a gym:  there’s going to be loud music,
a lot of people sweating
, perhaps some interesting fashion choices.  But, that’s where the similarities with other gyms end.  Fit is thoughtful.  It’s not just about exercising.  It’s about learning how to exercise

There are still plenty of heavy objects we will make you pick up and put down
.  But, we’ll tell you why you’re picking them up and putting them down and we’ll make sure you do it without injury.

There’s a rhythm to Fit
.  We don’t look at exercise as something you do that day.  We look at how it fits into the week.  And then the month.  It’s a long-term plan that never ends.  There’s no finish line.  But there is a sense of accomplishment— one you’ll feel lying on the ground trying to catch your breath after the 7am class, looking up at the 8am class that has no idea what’s in store for them

Lastly, it's about food.  You’re never going to
out-exercise a bad diet
.  So, we’ll show you a good diet
.  We tinker with our diets continuously.  Try some stuff and if it works, we keep it.  The stuff that doesn’t— We toss
.  That tinkering?  It never ends, either.

It's a gym.  You're going to hear Kesha.  And, do a lot
of burpees.  But, you'll also exercise your brain
.  That is when results happen.  That is when the fun begins.

That's not a typo.  We did say "fun."